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This is the sequel to Apocalypse. In this movie Thorold Stone is still looking for his family. The Christians, whom the rest of the world has started to call The Haters, are being framed for many murders and terrorist acts. Thorold and his partner go to investigate the location of the detonator of one of these acts. They find a group of Christians holding a service. He arrests them and one of them hands him a disk from O.N.E. , One Nation Earth. He finds men in the building who aren't Christians. They chase them around and one of them is killed. Then he meets with Mr. Parker who works for Franco Malacousso. Parker shoots them both but Thorold doesn't die. He is then framed for the shooting of his partner and he goes to a computer programmer with the disk. Virtual Reality is used to bring the Day of Wonders to fruition. There is something odd about the cd that the woman gave Thorold because the programmer can't get access to it and they take it to the Christians headquarters...

Title : Revelation

Year : 1999

Runtime : 98

Release Dates: 1999-05-07


Actors :

Jeff FaheyasThorold Stone
Tony NappoasWillie Spino
Carol AltasCindy Bolton
Leigh LewisasHelen Hannah
Nick MancusoasFranco Macalousso

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We watched Revelation Stream Online Megavideo online this afternoon. This movie is rich in plot detail and exciting to watch. It will have many people sitting on the edge of their seats, willing those embroiled in battle to succeed. My advice - Go, Watch - and be thrilled by a brilliant film.


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